1970’s Blantyre Vics

The 1970’s was a time when the Vics shone again and truly re-affirmed their status as one of the most successful junior clubs in the country. 

The decade began with a bang as 44,000 spectators packed into Hampden Park to watch Blantyre and Penicuik 1 – 1 in the Scottish Junior Cup Final. In the replay, a week later, it was the Vics who came out triumphant as Jim Lynn’s strike was enough to settle the tie. 

For the years that followed the victory, the club suffered due to most of the squad leaving the club for the senior ranks and they suffered a drought until 1978 when they were finally victorious in the Central League Cup. 

Pictured after that replay, are Blantyre Vics in the changing rooms at Hampden.

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