1936 Hunthill Road

Pictured here in 1935 or 1936 outside the door of 30 Hunthill Road, is baby Thomas Hay. This is across the road from the primary school on the opposite side and looks down Hunthill Road with the former railway bridge near the top of Stonefield Crescent. Thomas was born in 1935.

The Hay family were miners and were renting this house from Richard Fraser for £11 , 8 shillings per year. The buildings were in tenement style, a row of stone built homes. Behind the camera vantage point, would have been the brand new council homes of Park Crescent and entrance to that new housing estate. To the right , outwith the picture at the back of these houses was Old Place and now what has become Janefield Place.

In modern times, large boulders have recently been placed along the grassy verge in this location, the bridge and houses no longer there. With thanks to George Hay for sharing this photo.

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