1950’s Blantyre Vics

During the 1950’s the junior football game was truly at its peak with thousands descending on matches across the country week in, week out. This was the era when ‘Blantyre’s greatest team’ shone.

After a successful few years during and following the Second World War, the Vics were still hungry for the greatest prize in the juniors – the Scottish Junior Cup.

In 1950, Blantyre Victoria’s moment came. Tens of thousands watched on as the Vics thrashed Cumnock 3 – 0 at Hamden – in what was the clubs greatest ever moment. Alec Young (highly regarded as the Vics greatest ever captain and Aberdeen Hall of Fame) led a side filled with stars such as John Allan, Bobby Herbert and Jacky Gill who all went onto have decorated senior careers as well.

After the victory in 1950, the Vics suffered from losing the majority of the side amidst the cup glory. As a result the club went 15 years without winning any silverware (the longest wait for a trophy in the history of the club) 

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  1. Yes. Vics won the cup at Hampden and I was there – and then they very quickly ‘lost it’!
    It was placed on display in Hoggs, the newsagents, window on Glasgow Road and was stolen shortly thereafter, I never heard if it was ever recovered!

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