Auchentibber Pavilion

In early 1914, work began at the Auchentibber Quoiting Green to enhance the grounds. Little did all the workers know that War was around the corner.

The intention was to build a pavilion to be used as a tea room. The Scottish Referee Newspaper in June 1914 said the following :

“A Beauty Spot – It is indeed quite an appropriate name to give to the famous ground of the Auchentibber Club, which, as has been said before, is second to none anywhere. A great tribute to the energies of the members, it gains in attraction every year, and this year it is expected that the grand new pavilion will be completed. The work has been going forward for some months now, and when I saw it some time ago in a half completed state, it was even then worth seeing. It will be a pavilion in keeping with the style of the place and a Splendid site has been chosen for it. Built solidly, it will be tiled on the floor, while the walls will be decorated, and the whole place made cheery and comfortable. It will be something new for visitors to admire after they have seen the sundial, etc.”

1910s Auchentibber Gardens

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