Mickey & Elvira Valerio

Staying on a theme of Mickey’s Cafe on Stonefield Road….what about a photo of the man himself! This is Mickey Valerio and his wife Elvira, parents of Tommy Valerio.

I’m sure seeing Mickey again will bring back lots of memories for people of a certain age. What’s YOUR memories of Mickey/. What else can you tell me about the family.

Photo Shared with Credit to : Carmen Wood

Just a wee note about some of the previous comments about the railings story which seems to have entered into Blantyre ‘lore and myth’. It was the youngest child, (Antonia) of Mickey and Elvira who tragically was run over at the corner of Station/Glasgow Road, 14June,1947, age 8. Her grave is pictured above together with her parents.

Velma is adamant that her father did NOT fund the erection of the railings at the corner of Station Road, but probably the Council upon a safety review. The child was not coming out of the cinema but was heading down to visit her relatives, The Lombardis and Vincie’s chip shop. This statement is direct from the Valerio family. Cheers.

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