Martha, Iain and Alex

With thanks to Valerie Krawcyzk for this next photo. Valerie has a note written on this saying it’s Alex, Iain and Martha Smellie. (Alex and Iain are twins). Little Martha in this photo would grow up to marry Wullie Pate, the newsagent and is Valerie’s mother.

Wanting to know more or perhaps try to date the picture, I found Alexander’s Birth certificate from 27th April 1913. He was born at 7am at Stanmore, Church Street and his twin born at 7.15am. However, his twin appears on the certificate as John Braidwood Finlayson Smellie, rather than Iain, so I wondered if there was a name change after the birth certificate was filed?

These are the children of John Finlayson Smellie, Inspector of Meat and Martha Braidwood. It would appear little Martha was named after her mother. I’d guess this happy photo of three siblings was taken in the late 1920’s, or even just before 1930.

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