Jean Smellie, Nurse MacFarlane

This is Blantyre woman, Jean (Jeannie) Smellie who many people may remember as being ‘Nurse MacFarlane’. It’s impossible to tell how many babies this midwife brought into the world, but it was a LOT! In those days of home births, there was a reliance on midwives being on call.

Jean was brought up in Craig Street. Some people may remember her out on her bicycle to get quickly around Blantyre.

Mr. John F Smellie, together with Mary Smellie, certainly in 1930, owned several houses at Craig Street, including all the odd numbered houses from number 35 to number 55. They inherited them from Alexander Smillie thought to have been the builder of those homes, a butcher who once had a slaughterhouse and butchers shop in Springwells.

Jean married into the MacFarlane family and had children, amongst them daughters Sheena, Annie and Helen. Jean was also related to the Pate family and she is remembered by many people in Blantyre. What else can YOU tell me about Nurse MacFarlane.

With thanks to Valerie Krawczyk.

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