The Crescents

Susan Elrick sent me this photo of a modern sign at Victoria Street. It reads “Crescents Area”.

The Crescents have been affectionately known about for some time as Morris Crescent, Hardie Street, Small Crescent, Welsh Drive, that kind of area. Lots of people would have known this, but today we ask….when did that become part of South Lanarkshire Council terminology?

The Crescents… this an official thing now?


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  1. I’ve noticed this in a lot of areas across South Lanarkshire. I guess the council are just giving the colloquial names a sort of semi-official status. Well, on speed limit signs at least.

  2. quite strange really, some persons idea of categorizing, stereotyping? We lived in Small crescent when I was little only for a short time. We had a room only when my Dad was away in the war in Korea, and from where my little sister was born. Our landlady, Mrs Hunter allowed her daughter to bully my Mum and make her life a misery until Dad came back and said he had more time to do in Korea. We then left Small Crescent to live with our Grannie in Knightswood Terrace in the village. My Great Uncle Bob and his wife Peggy lived in Hardie Street and I remember them as homely places..

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