1970s Glasgow Road Looking West

I think this photo is probably the early 1970’s. It’s most definitely Glasgow Road, Blantyre looking westwards. Taken from near Stonefield Parish Church, I can see Walter Batters Ironmongers in the middle of the photo and Lightbody’s Bakery on the far right.

What’s your memories of the buildings and businesses in this photo?

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  1. Hi Paul, I remember not liking this part of Glasgow Road so much as a child. We attended Stonefield Parish Church and this looks like a photo from that era for me circa 1950s?? I do recall seeing my first television in one of the shop windows and looking at it with interest but not with any hope of having one, the shops up here made me wonder why anyone would want to shop up this end near the church, they looked out of place and not very well patronised. They were also very dark which didn’t inspire a child’s interest.

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