The Russos Brothers

A few days ago I posted about Rigo Russo’s shop on Glasgow Road. This brilliant photo of the Russo’s has dropped in my inbox. Rigo Russo is pictured at the front, Armando on his right and Arthur to the left.

With thanks to Carmen Wood, who told me, ” Rigo’s brother was Armando who had the Griffin. He also had a younger brother, Arthur (Arturo) who ran the original family fish and chip shop in Uddingston. I am Velma Valerio’s cousin and a niece of Bert, (Vinces) Lombardi. My parents were very friendly with Rigo and Maria. Carla and I attended Elmwood school.”

Can you remember the Russos?

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  1. hi when i hear the name rigo russo i remember he always smoked a pipe wore old spice after shave had a big dug called bruno jim

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