Colours of Blantyre Scouting

This photo shared by Hamish Dow is from 1954. Pictured are Blantyre Souts at the District Camp.

It’s a pity the photos are in black and white. If they were in colour your could distinguish the individual troops from their neckies:
1st Blantyre Old Parish:    Blue with Gold
2nd Stonefield Parish:  Red with White
3rd Livingstone Memorial: Yellow with Purple (or vice versa)
4th Anderson: Brown with Gold
5th Burleigh: Green with Purple

Hamish told me, “The District Commissioner was Charlie Cook, son-in-law of Joe and Mary Hobson who had the tobacconist shop in Main Street and then moved to the Dairy at 9 Broompark Road around 1953 when my Great Granny retired.”

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