1955 Blantyre Scouts District Camp

The photo shows Blantyre scouts at the District camp around 1955.

Hamish Dow who shared the photo told me, “My brother Niel Dow of the 4th Blantyre (Anderson Church) troop is 9th from the left on the front row. The standard bearer on the left is Robin Gordon (a distant cousin), 1st Blantyre (Blantyre Old Parish) Troop.

The standard bearer on the right is Jim Botterill 3rd Blantyre (Livingstone Memorial) troop. The District Commissioner, ? Cook is in the fourth row above my brother. He lived in the tenement building next to where I lived at 222 Main Street High Blantyre.

There are a number of other faces I recognise but cannot put a name to. 5th from the right on the front row is Willie Paton who was the last Scoutmaster of the 4th Blantyre before it was disbanded in 1964.”

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  1. this picture was taken at Alnwick, Holding the left flag is Chick Gordon (a.s.m. Livingston troop)next to him Robert Morrison, Holding the right flag is Billy Botterill (A.S.M. 3rd Blantyre) (Jim was his older brother but not in the scouting movement) at the back next to Billy is me (Duncan Slater, ) The person in the middle is Charlie Cook (Group scout master 3rd. Blantyre) The district Commissioner at that time was Bob Mc.Farland

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