Houses Galore, 1967

In 1967, it was announced that Wimpey, the housebuilder were planning on building 80 houses in Wheatlands, Blantyre. Prices were to be from £3,775 to £4,500 a range thought by many people at the time to be slightly beyond most people’s reach.

The Council’s planning department however, were not keen on this proposal earmarking the 9 acre site to expand their council homes programme.

During the four year period from 1967 to 1971, it was anticipated that 2,200 council homes would be needed for Blantyre. The Council felt there was insufficient land in Blantyre to meet commitments and it was decided that the Scottish Special Housing Association should be invited to create some 200 homes for industrial workers in the Wheatlands fields.

Scottish Special Houses are pictured a decade later in 1977.

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