1931 The Village Kids

Aleece Watson sent in this message, “Hi. My Gran wanted me to send this photo in to the Blantyre Project. She’s 85 and loves going onto your page everyday! She knows everything about the village and the families. Her name is Maryann Summers Neil known by many as (Morag Neil or Moagie). She’s lived in the village all her life.

This picture was taking in 1931/32 outside Maggie Devine’s house in Viewfield Avenue. My great Uncle George Summers in in the middle row with my great uncle Henry Summers just in front of him. These are some of the surnames in the photos. Devine Callaghan, Breen, Mcfalls, Allan, Forthingham and Mcgurty”

Unfortunately the group photo is a little small and I can’t zoom in, but Aleece may be able to assist or rescan. She’s zoomed in her relatives here.

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