Gerard McGarry

Pictured here is Gerard McGarry and possibly his sister Jeanne. The location is thought to be Blantyre but I’m having trouble reconciling where. It reminds me of Coatshill , Wheatlands or around Elm Street before the new houses were built. Does anybody know where this is. (Obviously windows and doors will look different now). Im open to this being even in the Hamilton area…..

With thanks to Gerard’s daughter Monica who shared this photo, which has recently been colourised.


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Kenny Kane My best guess would be fairhill don’t recognize that street in blantyre
Margaret Cavanagh It’s not Elm Street, I grew up there and we had the close at every gate, we also had the tiny wee brick wall around the gardens.
Margaret Cavanagh I thought around Moffat Place
John Daly Or Belvoir Place
Ann Millar Maybe Fernslea Ave, going towards St Blanes School.?
Jim McAllister Yes John your right it’s Poplar Place
Connie Glass I instantly thought it was the one up from poplar place. The one that connects Bardykes road to the likes of poplar place?
Elizabeth O’Brien Reminds me of Ashley Place but the 2 houses on the corner are not close enuf.
Raymond Mcdermott Culdi sac behind the parkvill can’t rember the name
Angela Copland looks like belvoir place
Jackie Paterson Looks like my mum’s Street Belvoir place
Karen Gallacher Reminds me of Belairs place just of millands ave coatshill or popular place
Helen Henderson Mclaughlin I think its culdesac behind coatshill . First right, first right then right again. Cant remember name if ut
Helen Henderson Mclaughlin I remember heathcliff avenue
Anne Marie Hanlon It’s Belvoir Place. The Mcgarry’s lived next door but 1 to our family. The Allen family. I was lead to believe Jean was his niece but I now know that is not the case.
Cora Docherty Belvoir place , my nana was one of the first to have a house there
Zander Strachan That’s Belvoir place
Elizabeth Ann Ward Its Belvoir place.
Ian McGowan There are not many places in Blantyre with that configuration of the way the vehicles are parked. Lovely picture though, thanks for sharing and racking the grey matter.
Jeanette Allardyce Ward Belvoir Place. My grandparents stayed in Holmswood Avenue and I can remember the windows when I was wee x
Mary McGhee Definitely looks like Belvoir Place where the McDermott, Allen, Fulton and Simpson families lived.
Ann Hartman Definately Belvoir Pl my mum and dad moved in mid 60s last house right hand side .My parent are gone now (Doherty lily and felix ) but daughter now stays in same house
Iain Mcmillan My friends family stayed there the braidwoods
Margaret Mary OSullivan I used to play with Aileen McDermott from Belvoir Place when I was a wee girl. We were Callaghan and lived in Cowan Wilson Avenue. Such happy days!
Etta Morrison Yes Belvoir place my aunt and uncle stayed in middle close that you see Archie and Flo Gray x
Blantyre Project Yip., definitely looks like Belvoir Place. The houses in the article photo look almost brand new.
Elizabeth Richardson This was Belvoir place in Blantyre its where my uncle William lived before he moved to New Jersey after he married my mothers sister Rose Gallagher
FiFi Ní Chaisil Defo Belvoir Place . Maura McCormack family stayed in the first house , Mary Keatings granny across the rd , the houses at the bottom you could jump over the back to Holmswood Ave were I stayed then .

Belvoir Place as it is today



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