McGarry Family Photos

Monica who lives in the States kindly shared some of her family photos. A time going back to when the McGarry family lived in Blantyre.

The first picture I think looks to be Craighead religious retreat. Craighead House is no longer there but the features on the outside are similar. The second photo at the docks is a day trip they all went on. The third picture is Monica’s Uncle Joe McGarry top right and William McGarry bottom right. The other two people are unknown.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Elizabeth O’Brien My Nanas sister Rose Gallagher married a William McGarry and they moved to New Jersey, America. Wonder if any relation
Isabella Gallagher Tabor Elizabeth O’Brien that is the same William McGarry in the picture that was married to Rose. William is my mum’s first cousin and I knew Rose and William well .
Elizabeth O’Brien I dont recognise him in this picture x
Margaret Brown Burns Father Manion a priest like no other
John Cornfield They look like Knights or SVDP probably the latter.
Elizabeth Jeffrey Paul McGarry saw this and thought of you 😂 Wasn’t sure where your ancestry hunt led to.
Paul McGarry Yep, so I have McGarry’s in the North East, Glasgow and Ireland. So could be a connection on the Glasgow side. Most seemed to come from Ireland and then scatter for work at shipyards. Even similar names that are not direct ancestry seem to have a link at some point or another.
Hoch McGandy An old photo of Craighead in 1938 left behind by my uncle.
Jean Mcgarry The third photo is uncles Joe, William, Frank and his wife Elsie.
Rena Connor McGarry’s were my Mum’s 1st Cousins, her Mum’s maiden name was McGarry.
Christine Mclellan The third photo is my dads brothers Joe William and Frank and sister-in-law Elsie ( Franks wife ). My dad was Danny McGarry. My name is Christine McGarry now McLellan.
Marian Maguire Yes Elizabeth O’Brien this is the same family I think there was 12 in total. Stayed in Belvoir Place I remember being there when Willie and Aunty Rose got married and were going to New Jersey.


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