Foxy Friend

Wanted to show you this! Throughout this week, a young foxcub befriended my dog! It visits the garden every evening just before dusk to say hello to my Sheltie. They play together, running, stalking each other and inviting each other to play! It’s a regular occurrence.

We’ve had foxes in our garden every year since 2012, at its peak nine of them running around at one time together. This one looks a bit of a loner and has grown to trust our dog immensely. Have to say, as much as our dog has found a foxy friend, it’s not been great for our lawn!


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  1. Aaaawe so lovely your dog doing its thing, rounding up a stray… and the stray pretending to be docile…thanks so much for sharing this moment Paul, I love your back yard as well, the rhodies I so well remember from home in Scotland, brilliant.

  2. Hi Janet – Glad you enjoyed the fox video. Hope you’re well during lockdown. Scotland has some good news about that today with some restrictions being lifted including for shielded people. I’d still love to see those photos of anything Croftfoot related. I will write about that one day! Regarding the quiz, i just noticed the answers were only on facebook. I’ll spend some time tonight updating the answers here on the page too.

  3. Love your ‘foxy film’ something to look forward to at the end of the day. As we are in lockdown still (as I have crept into my 80′) my son has not been to our home to send some photo of furniture that came from Croftfoot, I think I have thought of a way to get them to via an e.mail. Don’t hold your breath but I will try. Stay safe. PS. I have been interested in your Quiz but never find out where ‘it was’ I am not local so that maybe why I can’t see the results.

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