Gerard in the Park

A nice photo worth sharing. Gerard McGarry is the little boy, pictured in a park in Blantyre. I suspect this was more than a normal day out. People are very dressed up for perhaps more than a picnic. Whatever the occasion was, it looks a nice family day out. With thanks to Monica in the USA who shared this photo of her dad.


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Gerry Walker I don’t think it would have been a big occasion Paul. Probably just a typical summer’s day in Scotland.
Blantyre Project super finely dressed!
Jane Reynolds From the left is Mary Doyle , Bobby McGarry, my sist
Jane Reynolds My sister Annie , Pat Quinn and Mary Kerr
Moyra Lindsay Could have been a cooperative gala?
Mary Cunningham It was the Blantyre gala day held in Stonefield park I think every year
Elizabeth Richardson Looks like Gala day in public park
Margaret Mary OSullivan Love the fashion!

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