Lockdown Quiz 7: Where is this?

Lockdown Quiz 7: Where is this?

An extra article this morning. Where in Blantyre is this then? What’s just been cleared? And when? Answers revealed tonight.

** Answer: This is Duncan’s Scrapyard in Springwell a few years back. To the north side of Glasgow Road, the land cleared at the back of former Miller’s Fireplaces.

2008 Duncans Scrapyard Springwells

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Jean Miller Columba Club
Gerry Mcgivern Is it the old bit of land that was between the old st blames primary and Glasgow road
Graeme Smith Looks like the old scrapyard that’s now the bus station?
Sharon Kerrigan Speedway? Early 80s. 81/82-ish
Annette McMahon Cambridge Could be graighead school whistleberry rd
Del Smith The old timber yard up the back roads
Zander Strachan Forrest Street were the council yard is?
Bobby Orr The auld potato factory was called the tattie
Stuart Tremble Noel Kegg site ?
dunno why wheelie bin has Hollandbush Golf Club on it though !!!!!!!!!!
Lainey Baillie Old union jack club land
Tricia Allan-Martin Is it where Lidl now is? Did it used to have the market? Near spring wells?
Daniel Anderson Its now farmoods lidl n b&m
Joseph Allan Parks buses
Gerry Mcgivern Is it where carrigans is?
Lilian Grieve Was it where the firm that made the cement mixers were
Sharon Kerrigan Letham Bus Station. I’m just guessing now.
Clare Callaghan Russell’s farm?
Robert McLeod-Wolohan was that the old rubbish tip that used to be in high blantyre where the park is now ?
James Tonner Charles Irelands ?

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