Lockdown Quiz 6: Where is this?

Craighead Tower 1

So, where in Blantyre is this then? Built of red sandstone and clearly not in use in this photo, I have to wonder why there was a TV aerial at the top! Where and when? Have a guess in the comments. Answers revealed later tonight.

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Tricia Allan-Martin I haven’t a clue on this one!!
Joseph Allan is it crossbasckets
Helen Robb What is it even?? X
John Bhoy Helen ehy does it look like the front oart of a castle, like the drawbridge part
John Allan That’s a head scratcher
Elizabeth Grieve Is this the tower up by the EK golf course
Stephen Morley Near Dechmont?
Kenny Kane Iv never saw that before
Leanne Murdoch Is it greyfriars (I think that’s what it’s called), the backroads leading to uddingston where the old monastery is
Jim Brown CR
Stuart Douglas TV aerial looks odd
Kevin Mclinden Andrew Mclinden do you know?
Jim Duffy I think it looks kind of like a tower that was in Craighead retreat home down by Bothwell bridge I was chased out after going in with John Berry on our bikes, sat to the left of front main entrance if I recall right, long time ago. Lots of statue’s in the grounds as well.
Helen Allan I think it’s Graighead retreat went there when younger
James Richardson Candyman’s castle over the red bridge turn right for Uddingston it is on your right
Blantyre Project ** Answer: This is indeed Craighead Retreat! Located just behind and to the side of Ireland Alloys. The tower is now demolished as is the retreat, this photo dating from the Millennium. Well done to a few people who got this right. Looks like this was a difficult one for many people.
Gary Hamilton Blantyre Project Demolished? As recently as after 2000?
Alan Baird iv never seen this before , not much in blantyre iv not seen too
Maureen Friery Moran Another good one Paul.
William MacSporran Good tv reception..

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