Demolition of Tenements

1979 Glasgow Rd North

How about this for a cracking photo! From the end of the 70s, tenements get pulled down on the north side of Glasgow Road, opposite where the school/employment exchange used to be. It’s hard to imagine this was just 40 years ago. Taken from corner of Victoria Street, you can see exactly what this meant for Blantyre in this one photo. To the left of the billboard was Cliffords Printing office, that building pulled down much earlier.

Who can remember what shops and bars were in this block?

We’re quick to say what Blantyre has lost, but remember this, today it looks green and open, with huge possibilities for development if done correctly. Here’s what this exact scene looks like today.

Screenshot 2020-05-10 at 15.43.48

With thanks to Sandy Wilkie for sharing.

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Gary Doonin Jan Feb 79 . Peter Craig butchers , toy shop prob called Brownlees
Stephen Fallon Gary Doonin then Fallon’s bar . Remember that day ,
Helen Grieve Gary Brownlees was a shoe repair place and fancy goods shop. This was after Joe Russell’s cobblers closed it was a bit further along Glasgow Road.
Margaret Brown Burns Adams drapers
John Sneddon Taxi office
John Berry Can mind there was a taxi place there I’m sure makes u feel old
Hugh Sugar Kelly John Berry was that hasties cabs
John Berry Hugh Sugar Kelly possible hugh
John Berry Drapers was shoe shop
Margaret Sanderson A shop owned by Guy – I can’t remember what it’s main business was but I know it sold a few cakes cakes! ( a treat after visiting the doctors!) I think that Hugh Guy ran a driving school from there as well.
Henry Hambley I remember the shop. Hugh Guy taught me to drive in a Morris/Austin 1100. I thought he was a very good teacher and I passed my driving test first time in Sept. I think that after the business went, Hugh opened up a shop at Cadzow Bridge in Hamilton.
Helen Grieve Hugh lives in Dunoon now. The shop sold some groceries, fruit and veg and loads of sweeties. My pocket money was spent there every week.
Moyra Lindsay Henry Hambley me too! His mum had it before him as a wee sweetie shop. Spent a lot of time there at the penny tray
Hugh Sanaghan Peters the ice cream shop
William Houldsworth Yeah, Peter & Crissy Valerio’s Cafe … Cosy Corner Pub on the end
John Harrison A Peugeot in both pictures
Helen Robb Many a Saturday my sister and I trudged up and down that street, no matter what the weather, just following my mum. We’d come up from Coatshill, Devondale Ave, first stop Maddens for new ribbons for our hair, Templetons, and carried on from there, straight up. I swear my mother hit every shop, crossed over, then back down, last stop, going into the wee farm shop just at the top of Coatshill for a bag of tatties. Hated it at the time, really miss it all now. Xx
Peter Murray Clearys the barbers
Clare Whyte Brilliant love seeing the history remember some from when I was little and my dad brought me out to my granny’s just off Victoria St, Morris Crescent xx
Clare Whyte Scott Gilmour Mary Reid Ann Duncan(show Charles this page of old Blantyre) x
John Murphy John Fallon’s pub was in this building Chick
Joe Sneddon Not one of these business replaced , good to have green , but it’s great to have local business..

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