1976 Blantyre & Whitehill Accies

Recognise anybody in this Blantyre football team? The year is 1976 and the team is Blantyre and Whitehill Accies. I’m assured it was taken near the bottom of John Street at the playing pitches.

Almost all of the names are known. Top Left: Peter Smith – Coach, Mark Smith, Keith MacLean, Alastair Ally Maxwell, Bobby Sinclair, Duncan Mclure, Davie Syme, Stevie Scott, Pat McClusky’coach. Front Row: Chris Cummings, Alan Dollard, Stevie Marshall,?, Neil Ballnivess, Billy McConell, John Barr and James McConnell.

With thanks to Keith MacLean for sharing this photo.


Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

William Mullen Wee pat looks like Wim Jansen
Davy Thomson Max Sneddon,, big Davy syme??
Paul Burt Jackie Burt Priscilla May Campbell spot your brother
Stuart Oneil ally maxwell.former rangers and motherwell goalkeeper
Stephen Hasson Big Slacky wis some player.
Elizabeth Fraser John Barr is billy Murray in it x
Priscilla May Campbell Spotted you both. Love the hair.x
Jimbo McSkimming Wee Pat McCluskey he tried to restart the club later, trained the old co hall.

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