1990 Crossbasket and Greenhall Movie

Elizabeth Golder Hughes has shared this wee film clip which features her and husband Brian Hughes and their girls Gillian and Kirsty. It’s always nice when readers share their special movies and photos with Blantyre Project and this is a nice treasured memory for the Hughes family.

It was filmed in 1990, 30 years ago when Gillian was 5 and Kirsty was 2. Elizabeth told me, “We often walked up by Crossbasket and down by the water. The swings are at Greenhall. Greenhall and Crossbasket holds a lot of special memories.We have often went there when kids were young and now with their kids. Arthur Devine, Wullie Britain were two of the men in the film. This was originally in cine film then filmed with our mobile so please excuse the quality. “

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Catherine Smith Brilliant
Jean McIntosh Enjoyed your film
Blantyre Project i should add theres no sound in this video
Gerard Barrett thats how a remember how big brian looked
Jim McAllister Brian hasn’t changed Gerry an he’s still a good lad

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