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A little temporary departure from history in this post today and skipping to the present day, to simply touch base with everybody who follows Blantyre Project. I wanted to ask if everybody is ok and hope you’re all well and safe.

My family is well, though had a concerning time for a fortnight at the start of the lockdown. We don’t know if we had this virus, but are thankful to now be well and together. My daughter has been out of School since 13th March and with no siblings, it’s starting to be difficult for her as I’m sure it is for lots of children now. She’s missing her grandparents. Not seeing some of our loved ones has certainly been the hardest part of this lockdown.

Personally, I’ve not been furloughed and working in a vital sector in the Water Industry, have found myself working long, busy days. I’ve not been out much, often missing a daily walk and when I have gone out, I’ve been amazed at how much the season has changed. Blossom on the trees when last time I walked there, the trees were bare. Seeing trees so green and it’s strange seeing long grass in the parks, unattended, neglected and covered in dandelions (such as my picture of nearby Kirkton Park yesterday). Days and weeks are rolling into each other and a little walk and spending time in the garden has been pleasant. We’re all experiencing this differently I guess.

What’s not so pleasant though, is living with some pain since 20th March when I started to get severe toothache in a molar. With dentists closed, I couldn’t get a filling and over March and April, it developed into an infection, deep-rooted that couldn’t be shifted with 3 courses of antibiotics. However, when I see what Covid19 has done to some local families and the loved ones they’ve lost, my 46 days of pain is clearly insignificant. I’m going to have to wait until dentists re-open!

Sadly, over on my Blantyre Telegraph website, I’ve lost count of the amount of people in Blantyre who have sadly now died from this horrible disease, including families of friends. My thoughts are with all those families at this sad and difficult time.

As talk in the media now turns towards how the world will look like after this and the possible preparation for lifting some restrictions, I hope sincerely first and foremost it can reunite families first.

I hope you’re continuing to enjoy the daily posts about Blantyre history. We certainly need something to keep us all occupied and discuss each day with friends. From a few messages received lately it seems Blantyre Project daily posts is a ‘little bit of normality’ and good for wellbeing.

Finally, if you’re in Blantyre and self isolating or don’t have family support at this time perhaps due to them living far away, if YOU require help with anything at all during this pandemic crisis, please privately message me and I’ll try to help the best I can.

Be safe and well.

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Moyra Lindsay Thanks for this, Paul, like Lily our grandson is only one. I see a wee look in his eyes when we are on zoom or in films, it breaks my heart. He’s busy and active but just like us bewildered. I had my first meltdown yesterday . I just wanted to make my son a cup of tea and have Jacob lean on me.
Doing fine though with deliveries and we have not been out the gate since 13 March. The garden however is looking great as Don is out there all day. He has also refurbished a wee steam engine which he built a few years ago. I will post a picture soon.
I am giving myself a shake today and going to enjoy the sun for a few days. You take care and I hope the hell of all diseases calms down.

Janet Cochrane You and your family take care and keep well . M y garden is all tidy fence painted dogs legs well walked . Waiting for the day this all ends and things return to normal
Take xare

Lesley Bethel Just like you Paul, we are desperately missing our family. At least we are safe and well and have a garden to spend time in , and for once, reasonable weather. These are very difficult times for us all, but if we all stand together, stay in to avoid catching or spreading this virus, better days will come.
Hope it’s not too long before you get that tooth seen to, must be very painful!

Anne Mackie Thank you for your lovely words I am one of thelosers to this virus My husband of 53 years passed away in April He was born in Auchinraith Road 1945 xxxxxxxx

Jean Miller Paul I hope you realise how interesting we all find your Project posts and how connected Telegraph keeps us! Look after yourself and your family and hope your toothache is gone soon. Xx
Eleanor Clark Thank you Paul,we do feel sorry for all the young ones not being able to see friends,but the older generation have been hit hard,not being able to go shopping,and some of them are stuck in their homes on there own
Jane McGuigan What a lovely message at the end! Take care x
Laney Wildman Stay safe paul and family 💜 get some of they dandelions heads picked they have amazing healing powers xx


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  1. Thanks. Hope you’re well!! Appreciate all your comments and continued support. I’ve ordered some clove oil online but its taking ages to get here. I think another visit to a different chemist is overdue. Take care x

  2. Dear Paul, what a stellar man you are, I just hadn’t thought of anyone in Blantyre passing from the virus, being so far away, 12000 miles, I just imagine the village and town to be going on as it was when my family left. It is heartbreaking to hear the news that many people have passed due to the virus with the circumstances being unbearable, i.e. not to see a loved one again, to say goodbye in person. My deepest condolences to all those who have lost loved ones in this tragic time.

    My sister is a nurse working in London and contracted the virus, and, on our video connection, when she could talk, she looked like “death warmed up” and I was very worried, but, like the amazing woman she is, she pulled through and is now back at work doing what she does best in supporting the health workers at her London hospital.

    I also feel extremely sorry for you, toothache, infection in deep rooted teeth, is possibly one of the worst pains, you simply cannot get away from it, so close to the brain, it just takes over. I’m amazed that you could still concentrate on this site! My daughter and I had toothache together at one stage there and used the old remedy “Clove Oil” well, you had to laugh, we must have used too much and neither of us could taste anything for two days, our mouths were completely numb!! I wouldn’t suggest it.
    Sending best wishes for the folk of Blantyre and your continued good health despite the toothache!

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