James Hislop Dux Medal

June Hislop contacted me recently after she found her father’s old Dux Medals. Shown here from 1934 into 1935, the medal recognises academic achievement at school, in particular High Blantyre Primary School.

The medals belonged to James Hislop better known as Jimmy Hislop, the popular Blantyre entertainer. I’ve been writing about Jimmy recently in the forthcoming huge book, “Blantyre People”. I was interested in the medal having words “BARR” on it, perhaps the sponsor? Being Dux was and still is something to be celebrated. Back in the 1920s and 30s, these medals were expensive to buy, sometimes even silver coated. In the 1940s during WW2, they stopped for a time, instead pupils were given a note, sometimes a £5 note, whilst there was a shortage of metal. Does anybody know more about the BARR connection, or perhaps you remember Jimmy? Perhaps YOU have a medal from your family or were dux yourself?


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Margaret Cavanagh Tricia Allan-Martin you were Dux at St Joseph’s , what did you get?
Tricia Allan-Martin Thanks Margaret Cavanagh. Yes, I was DUX at St Joseph’s in 1975 (Joseph McKenna was boy DUX). We were given little shields and maybe a book, not sure. My shield is still at my mam’s! There was a DUX board displayed with everyone’s names and years we won but I think it got chucked away during the refurbishment!
Margaret Cavanagh Tricia Allan-Martin they’ve maybe took it to new school, you’ll need to get that wee shield when this is over and show it off lol x
Moira Macfarlane Hi June,you probably won’t remember me but we used to play together when we were children,i remember your mum and dad well,i lived in Kelly’s building,
Janet Cochrane I was dux girl at High Blantyre Primary in 1957 medals were not awarded then I got a book got the Burns prize as well
Margaret Sanderson My late mother, Margaret Graham was dux medalist at Calder Street School in June 1939. The medal is gold and weighs 10 grams.
Elizabeth O’Donovan I was dux at St Joseph’s in 1960, ( Cochrane) my cousin Jim Clarkin was dux boy at the same time. Maureen Friery Moran The Hislops played at my wedding in 1968 and Mrs. Hislop was my wee sister Lynn’s Highland Dance instructor.
I was given a ” Missal” don’t remember any medal
Bernadette Mcparland Agnes Mc Greevy you were Dux in St josephs….what year?
Agnes Mc Greevy Bernadette it would have been 1977 xx
Alexander Thomson Is he the same guy who worked for Stirling and Stevens in Glasgow and stayed in heathcliff Avenue next door to the Anderson’s
Sheena Sim Yes that’s mr hislop we stayed across the road from them in Heathcliffe Ave .
Jim Cochrane My mums cousin James Marshall was dux at caldersteet school in the 1930s his name was on the boards that used to hang in Blantyre High.

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