1970s Craighead Special School

1970s Nancy McGregor & Craighead Retreat

Unusually for me, I’ve not written much over the years about the former Craighead Retreat. So when Iain MacGregor contacted me recently offering some information ands this photo from the 1970’s, I welcomed the opportunity to post.

He added “Here’s a photo of my late mum, Mrs Annie MacGregor (Nancy) who was a teacher at Craighead from the 70’s to the 80’s. She only took retirement because of my dad’s poor health. There may be former pupils who might remember mum as she bought Archery equipment and tried to teach the class. Archery, she said was quite comical at times and l don’t think the head mistress was very happy about it but she never stopped the activity.

Mum also told me that Anne Marzaroli was a teacher there too, wife of the photographer Oscar Marzaroli. I don’t know much about mum’s work unfortunately.”

Can anybody tell me more about the teachers or pupils or the school at Craighead? As always, I’d love to learn more from Blantyre Project readers comments and observations, and add that to my (lack of) notes. I’ve reserved Craighead to research in detail at a later date.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Alistair Morrow I have a couple of pics of the building taken just before closure if they are of interest Paul
Kim Semple My granda Frank Wylie used to be the Janitor in the early 90s here. Him and my gran lived in the school house next to craighead. I used to play with the kids as a youngster while my granda worked. Also I worked in here as a cleaner around 2005

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  1. I was tought by Mrs MacGregor late 70s early 80s a lovely lady and brilliant teacher my fav Mrs McDonald was head teacher Mrs Shawr Thompson miss Cassidy Mr noble great days sadly gone but great memories

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