Lockdown Quiz 12: Where is this?

pic 9

Continuing our lockdown quiz with this photo. Hope you’re enjoying all these photos from Blantyre’s recent past. Where in Blantyre is this then? Hint, it doesn’t look like that today. Answer revealed tonight. With thanks to Gordon Cook.

** Update: This is Letham’s Garage on Stonefield Road, or rather the demise of it. Formerly the Blantyre Gas Works.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Pedro Coh Old bus depot off stone field rd
Margaret Sanderson Letham’s bus yard, Stonefield Rd
Margo Haughen Yep, Letham’s x
Catherine Devlin Stonefield road, where new houses now stand, think it used to be bus depo
Bill Graham Old Lenham garage Stonefield Rd?
David Loughran Lethams defo
Elizabeth Grieve Old lethams bus yard
Anne Marie Murray Stone field road
Danny Moran Gasworks Stonefield Road
Margaret Liddle Stonefield Road
Kathleen Boyle Club pub used to be there cant remember its name
Drew Anderson Union jack
Jimmy Morton Jimmy Morton is the village don’t rember that gas works do u know a gerry MC née
Natalie Finnie Union jack xxx
Joseph Allan Lethoms bus garage stonfield road
Robert Nicholl Lethams buses
Tracy Shannon Mcinally Grove
Blantyre Project Hi everybody! Well done. This was Lethams Garage. Initially the Blantyre Gas Works on Stonefield Road, this wall was knocked down to make way for the current new houses. I’ll find a more difficult one for tomorrow! Have a good weekend all.


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