1962 Robertsons Ginger Bottle

1962 Robertsons Ginger bottle by GC

Nothing like a drink of Robertsons ginger on long sunny summer days. The weather may be turning cooler this week, but this photos shared by Gordon Cook is a good reminder of summers gone by. So many flavours rolled out from Robertsons of Springwell’s Factory. I’ll be posting in detail about the entire north side of Glasgow Road later this year.

Meantime, what’s your memories of Robertsons? What flavour was your favourite?

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Maureen Adair Foreman Spring Cold Cola, loved the taste!!
Kev Samson I was only allowed fizzy ginger if I was good….diluting juice if I was lucky
Mary Kirkbride My favourite eas ginger beer
John Mcghee Apple crush
Thomas McCormick Robertson’s orange was my favourite
Fairlie Gordon yep, those bottles are from the 60.s
Gerry Walker I’ve tried in many countries in my travels but nothing has ever hit the mark, or back if the throat, like 5 star, auld scotch ginger beer. The first time I tasted it, about 6 years old, I thought my throat was on fire. Favourite drink of all time.
Catriona Paterson Gerry Walker Jaggy juice I called it.
Walter Campbell Smoking like Larry
Sally Jamieson This particular flavour had several different names but struggling to remember them! X
Moira Macfarlane I worked there in the early 60s loved it,!!!
Liz Jack Ginger beer they definitely dont do the old recipe none of the other brands do it not got the same kick
Billy Strachan Spring Cola. The one that Dunn’s do nowadays is nowhere near as good as the original stuff.
Tom Wilson Their best was cream soda. You can’t get the true flavours like Robertsons used to make
Helen Grieve Loved it as an ice cream drink
Peter Flannigan Loved all Robertson’s stuff, not the same since Dunns took over.
Kathryn Fisher My mum sold this in her wee wooden shop in Anderson Street, Burnbank. The only source of heat was a paraffin upright convector which she switched off at night. I remember going into the shop on freezing cold mornings to find the bottles missing their tops and the frozen ginger had oozed out.
Andrew Semple Just need the vodka and angostura bitters, a long one for me please.
Ann Millar That was ma wee late daddy,s favourite ginger n it had tae be ROBERTSON,S GB.
Edward Mccartney Kwenchy cups
Rose Sporndli Early childhood memory…..Whilst .adults had their wee tot of whisky with which they welcomed in the New year we kids were given Robertson’s Ginger Beer specially bought for us for the occasion. Also loved cream soda!
Robert Holmes I looked at the gates everyday when young my grans house faced the gates she lived in Parkville Drive
Colette Barrett Best ginger ever, grew up in Springwells great memories
Elizabeth Knowles Loved their ginger beer, but I remember the ‘works’. Visited my grandma’s friend who lived in the bungalow next to it. You had to climb up the steps from the main road or walk round the back where you could see into Robertsons yard. Mrs Murdock was Grandma Fraser’s friend.
Nancy McFadden Did it have a rubber cork on the bottle?
Stuart Gallagher Loved their ginger beer, limeade, orange and American Cream Soda and jubilees
Maureen Wallace Does anyone remember MAC? Am positive it was a Robertson’s product ? Don’t think it ever really took off, but I loved it as a kid
Rob Gordon My Mum and Dad both worked and met at Robertson’s in the 1920s. My mum actually was involved in mixing the ingredients for Auld Scotch…in her 90s she could go through the whole process…
John Breen I remember in the 70s alpine ginger was delivered to your door
It was bigger and cheaper
But it wiznae a patch on Robertsons
Alex Forrest Worked there 1967- -68 when I left school loved spring cola and you were allowed to drink as many of the small bottles as you wanted
Maureen Friery Moran Lemonade and Orange were my two favourites. They were great flavours for ice drinks (floats).
Paul Fitzpatrick I found these 2 old Robertsons bottles up cauther about 30 years ago I dont remember them and I’m 55 lol
Doreen Brown Robertson ginger bear was ma Grans favourite was sent to the tally van every Sat. for 2 bottles that and iron bru fond memories great times
Thea Borland Mcnamee Worked in Robertson an we could drink as many splits(small bttles) as we wanted..i worked in syrup room bottling plant and erca..loved it there..Great bunch of ppl and I fell out of bed into work as I stayed 2 mins from front gate..lol
Irene McKeown Cola Kwenchy cups. Freeze them and scrape out with a spoon
Maxine Prince I loved the red cola
Tom Gallagher Dandelion and Burdock was an acquired taste!
Ian Muir I remember class outings from David Livingstone Primary School and we were always given a small bottle of Robertsons ginger.My late mother lived to put ice cream in a pint glass in the summer and top it up with Robertsons ginger beer. I sent on to sell Robertsons ginger (including frozen kwenchy cups) when I owned the village shop down past the station.
Joseph Kane I work there for about 5 years I love the job the soda water was great for your hangover on the Monday morning after drinking all weekend great memories
Elizabeth Lovatt Liz Shanks Douglas…..just wondering where the Shanks came from as that was my mothers maiden name…….Ginger beer was my fav
Wullie Bell Five star ginger beer was amazing they used to have a large bottle it was about 5 foot tall often wondered what happened to it

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