Lockdown Quiz 4: Where is this?


Continuing Blantyre Project’s lockdown quiz. Where in Blantyre is this? I’ve a feeling some people may get this fast, so let’s add some further questions. What’s happening in the foreground and what’s the year?!

Please leave your comments below. Answers revealed tonight.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Jessie Kielty Police station
Raymond Mcdermott Old police station
Bill Graham Police station looking from the library side
Moira Macfarlane Across from Calder st school
Margaret Brown Burns Clearing the way for the new flats. Another travesty by the council removing the library
Joseph Allan Cop shop building the houses
Alan Baird side elevation of blantyre police station
John Dunsmore Police station of Victoria. Street
Richard Lees The beautiful police building.
I wonder how long before it’s turned into flats or demolished due to asbestos.
Gay Frazier Is it the old police station across from Calder Street School where my whole family went twelve of us
Elizabeth Grieve Building asda around 1980
Davy Thomson Yip, my view for 2 years,,,, stayed in the library apartments
Davy Thomson Blantyre Project, 2009?
Bobby Paterson Police station Calder st and the building of the flats next to it on the library site
Jim McSorley That backhoe jib is not 70s. Design. Would say library project sadly to say. Don’t forget I live in zimbabwe.
Blantyre Project definitely not 80s or 90s either.
This was the building of the flats.

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