1978 Fire Brigade Visit

1978 Fire Brigade 1

Following several catastrophic fires in Blantyre during 1978, the fire brigade formed an initiative to go round local schools, telling kids a bit more about what they do in the event of emergencies. This included approaching nursery schools to give youngsters a basic understanding of fire fighting.

In September 1978, as these pictures show, the firefighters from nearby Hamilton dropped in on the Public Hall in High Blantyre in Cemetery Road to give the kids of “Little Jack Horner” Playgroup a thrill of being aboard the fire engine and hearing the sirens.

Officer Jim Murray is pictured with some of the “new recruits”.

“Little Jack Horner” playgroup was run by Cathy Mcinally who now runs a shop in High Blantyre Main Street.

Do you recognise anybody in the photo? These kids would have been born around 1974 or 75.

1978 Fire Brigade 2


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