Jack Horner 40 year Anniversary

Screenshot 2020-03-29 at 23.32.22

I’m trying to work out what year this photo was. The story is the picture represents 40 years of the Jack Horner Playgroup being in High Blantyre.

I can say Mary Carr from the butchers and Cllr Bert Thomson. I also see Cathy McInally at the back. To celebrate the event, pupils from John Ogilvie had painted a mural for the wall. The playgroup had the support of many local organisations including Danny Rodger the Butchers and Oor Wullie’s Bakery.  At the time of the photo, Cathy had worked there in the pre 5 group for 37 years!

I’m stuck. The question is what’s the year? Recognise anybody else?

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