1990’s Parade & Gala

1990s Parade High Blanytre1

A couple of photos next, once shared from Cath McInally. I suspect they’re from the 1990s  or just after and show a parade on Main Street, just outside the Dales near the top of Broompark Road. Also pictured is a gala at High Blantyre’s Kirkton Park.

Anybody know the year or recognise anybody?

1990s HIgh Blantyre Gala

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

James McMillan Would say 2004/2005 going way the we guy way the football top on
Gregor Lamberton 2003 or after if you look at the van reg
James Sime The Terminal One Digibus is in the photo, when did that start? Deffo later than the 90’s.
Gavin Queen I’m sure in the bottom photo wearing the rangers top so about 2003 /4
Andy Mckinnon It was 2005. I worked on the digibus for years and my big German mate Marcus is hanging out the side 🤣 he was over here on an exchange in 2005
Lindsay Marie Stark CL Thompson Lynsey McCart we’re the oldest Majorettes in town here

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