1990’s High Blantyre Kids

Need some help with this photo to identify the ten kids pictured. I suspect it’s the 1990’s and taken in High Blantyre. The kids likely part of the nursery there.  Do you recognise anybody?

Screenshot 2020-02-21 at 09.51.04

Thanks to Cath McInally for this photo.

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Liza Gardner Natasha Natashason that u 3rd front left?
Natasha Natashason Liza Gardner it is..
Tricia Doolan My boy Steven Arbuckle 2nd from left , Catherine MclaughlinMurdoch is that your alan at the far right ?
Catherine Cunningham Colette-Marie Tonner – I think this is Andrew 2nd in from the left?
Caroline Cunningham-Hy Catherine Cunningham yes defo Andrew lol
Cheryl Allan Emma Muir🙈 check us out

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