1923 Thomas Family at Main Street

Gwyn Ogden writes, “Hi. This photo is of my Grandfather, George Thomas with his daughters Alice, Jessie and at the front, Jean. I am the youngest daughter of Jean Thomas who married into the Fleming family. They are pictured outside of their home on Main Street, High Blantyre.”

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If you zoom in on the photo it says number 294 and its interesting to see the house is thatched. On the 1911 census this family were there and Jean Thomas was only 3 years old. This photo dates from around 1923.

Gwyn added, “When my Mum died in 2000, my sister Myra and I travelled back to Blantyre with her ashes. We arrived very early in the morning to the Blantyre Parish Church at High Blantyre Cross and had the idea to dig a small hole and leave her there. Surely in this sacred old church yard she would rest in peace. But as it turned out we were’t early enough , somebody was there before us. A gentleman was tending a grave and we were too terrified to commit an act that might be considered inappropriate.

We were very downcast because here was a place she would be safe and undisturbed for all time a sacred place. But we went back to the car and thought “what now” then we remembered she talked often about going ‘ up the Cawther’. So we went up towards Priestfield Terrace where our Auntie Sally and Auntie Jessie ( also on the picture) lived when they were married. To Sanny Walker and Rab Phiely. And as we got to the top of the road we saw that it had been turned into a park. Perfect we thought! We can bury her ashes here. Which we did, by a burn overlooking the town below and planted the snowdrops and miniature daffodil bulbs we had brought with us.”

“Returning the year after, we saw them springing up and were content. 3 years later though the grounds were out of bounds and then a crematorium was built nearby which we though was appropriate at least houses were not being built on top of her. 

This house IS still there on Main Street, today sits derelict with the roof falling in, not far from the entrance to my own home near the High Blantyre cross.

** Update 03 /03/20 – Despite what I’ve been told about this location, I have my doubts and believe it may be 134 Main Street, a former Thatched cottage where now the carpark of the Baptist Church is. I think this family moved across the road. I need to investigate more.

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Joseph Allan Next ta the Apollo
Anne Irvine Always was interested about this cottage. I take it it still belongs to someone or it would be demolished long ago. So sad it might’ve been of some use.

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