1977 Blantyreferme looking North

1977 Blantyreferme

Let’s go back to 1977 next. Some 43 years ago. This was taken from the side of the former Blantyreferme Colliery Bing. The road to Uddingston is shown going under the railway. In the background is Haughhead and to the left, just out the picture was the site of Caldervale (Fin Me oot).

This was an unremarkable photo at the time, but significant now as the bing is gone and this area in the foreground is now all young woodland. Nature literally springing up from the ash and slag.

Its a great example of our ever changing landscape around Blantyre.

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Moyra Lindsay Every time we passed that Bing my dad would say that his dad built that Bing! His dad died age 59 in 1945.
Margaret Mary OSullivan Moyra Lindsay 😢 So young, Moyra.
Moyra Lindsay Margaret Mary OSullivan they were worked to death in all weathers, and then he had to walk back to Blantyre
Peregrine J Montgomery Any pictures of the auld pit hoose that stood next to the railway line on the bing almost in line with the old Columba Club ? Spent many year in my childhood on my bike over the bing doing the “jumps” and exploring the pit hoose.
Anthony Smith I think you have the wrong bing in mind.This is from the top of the PRIORY bing.
Anthony Smith Peregrine J Montgomery March 1969.You can see the Priory Pit shower house and some of the pit in the background of this picture.
Colin Wotherspoon You can see the bridge going under the railway and if.thst is the road to Uddingston the Building on the left is Newton Brickworks.
Colin Wotherspoon The building on the right before you go under the bridge is an electric power station and beyond the Brickworks is Haughhead farm ( Murdoch’s farm )then the Red Brig over the Clyde to the left Grayfriars and Broomhouse right kylepark Colin Wotherspoon So this is the road running by Blantyreferme 1/2 pit bings

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