Sim – Irvine Wedding, 1956

Reader, Ann Irvine shared this lovely photo adding, “This is my parents. Martha Sim (deceased) from High Blantyre married John Irvine from Cambuslang. They wed in High Blantyre Parish Church on 12 July 1956”

What a happy photo that is! I love seeing wedding photos from the 1950’s. People dressed so elegantly and the fashions seemed classy and stylish, by comparison to later decades.


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Elizabeth Weaver Beautiful ballerina-length dress – very chic. And that tiny waist! Lovely photo.
Jean Boyd Lovely photo
George Wallace my granny was annie sim from blantyre
Ann Irvine George Wallace might be related my grampa was John but we called him Joke they used to stay in Waverley Terrace
George Wallace Ann Irvine my gran annie sim was born in 1896 ,her dad was andrew sim 1873-1945, his dad was hugh sim 1845-1888, his dad was john sim 1817-1866
Sally Jamieson George Wallace think it’s maybe a different Sim. There are a few Sim’s in Blantyre but possible different families.
Valerie Krawczyk How weddings used to be, beautiful.
Sheena Sim My sister in law and brother in law
Ann Durie Beautiful photo. 💜💜
Ann Irvine, I think our families lived in Springhall at the same time. ( Strathcona Place)
Your family at one end of the downstairs maisonettes and mine at the other end( Symons family)
Sheena Mason I love her dress. Lovely picture!
Ann Watson Lovley picture beautiful bride
Maureen Mccreadie What a beautiful pic Ann xx
Sally Jamieson Aunt Martha and Uncle John. What a gorgeous photo
Wilma Coventry My Auntie Martha & Uncle John they were my extended family My 2nd home many years ago Miss those happy times we all had back then – Beautiful picture Ann x
Philip Pohler Brilliant photo beautiful bride and proud hubby
Linda Andrew What a perfect wedding picture

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