Book Launch Delayed

Just a quick note to say I’ve decided to deliberately delay my latest book launch “Blantyre People” for a month. The massive book was due to be launched on 28th February, but is now pushed back to 31st March. This was due to various things (e.g. getting the cold, starting a new job and needing a little more time to make it as best as it possibly can be).  I needed to create a new cover too as the spine ended up being double the thickness of that pictured. Now the thickness of a brick, it’s also heavily illustrated and contains QR codes throughout, where you can scan with your phone camera and it’ll open up videos and further photos and information about each person! 

The book is finished but being the largest book I’ve written and taking some 9 years to get to this point, final editing, grammar and spell checking is taking longer than I thought. My Glasgow Road large book was 203,000 words. This new book is nearly 400,000 words! Exploring the lives of almost 1,500 Blantyre people who have helped shape Blantyre over 8 Centuries or been involved in something newsworthy, it’s a publication I’m already tremendously proud of. 

Nearly there! It’ll be out for Easter, I promise! Thanks for your patience.

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