Sunday School Trip to Calderglen, 1916

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The children attending the E.U. Congregational Church on Craig Street held their annual outing on the afternoon of Saturday 5th August 1916.

As war continued in Europe, the children of the Sabbath School (Sunday School) assembled at the church, and were conveyed in lorries kindly granted by the local contractors to Calderglen, the private home and estate of the Cochrane family.

On arriving at a large field, the children were provided with a good supply of buns and milk. Thereafter games, etc., were engaged in. The weather was all that could be desired for such an event, and the children thoroughly enjoyed the outing. Before leaving the field, a hearty vote of thanks was offered to Mr Cochrane for his kindness in granting the field.

Looking at a map of the era, there were certainly large fields adjacent to the railway and indeed one immediately behind the house. Today, these fields now have modern homes.

From the forthcoming book, “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2020

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Blantyre Project where did you go for sunday school or school trips? Blantyre or outwith?
Sally Jamieson Blantyre Project Millport, over 21 years ago was very memorable as it was torrential rain when we got there and never stopped all day. Otherwise too many to mention with lots of fabulous weather. Kelburn in Largs, Culzean Castle, Head of Ayr, Almondvalley, Dunbar, Too many to mention!!
Lorraine Brown We used to go to Livvies park
Mick Watson Belmont camp school in Meigle Perthshire for 1 month, with St Josephs, Mr Clements class, i think around 1973 – 74 .
Betty McLean Sunday school trips to the sea side places like Saltcoats, Girvan, Ayr.
Margaret Mourning I was brought up in Glasgow. We went to Blantyre for our Sunday school trip!
Margaret Liddle We went sometimes to David Livingstones for our school trip and we were only up the road at Saint Joseph’s School
Joyce Hamilton Strathaven park wirh the really big chute!
Drew Fisher First trip with Livingstone Memorial Church Sunday school around 1960 was the Peebles. From High Blantyre Parish I recall trips going to Strathaven Park and Rouken Glen. I also remember arranging a trip from High Blantyre Baptist to Boquhan Farm near Kippen. This was much like the post you made – just a field with hot water provided and toilet facilities made available! No shops!!!
Elsie Chalmers David Livingston in Blantyre. One stop train ride from Hamilton West Station.
Blantyre Project even that short distance would have been an exciting, good day out for kids. I never tired of going to the Livingstone Centre, even as an adult. Sidenote: I need to stop calling it David Livingstone Centre now it’s been rebranded as “David Livingstone Birthplace”
Elsie Chalmers Blantyre Project Oh it was an exciting train ride and I loved visiting the Centre sorry Birthplace.
Anne Grogan Went to ayr with 5he Salvation Army Sunday School. Prestwick with David Livingstone school.
Lynn Delaney High Blantyre in the old church hall. When I was older went to the teen version Scope. Remember trips to the Ayrshire coast, Ayr, Girvan etc, with really good friends
Bob Fisher One of my Sunday School trips was to West Kilbride. In those days my geography was a bit lacking but I thought ‘that’ll be the other side of East Kilbride ‘. Wondered why it took so long!!
Mary McGaulley Went to the Sunday school in the building facing Rosendale it was affiliated with Stonefield Parish Church went to Ayr Gibran Portabello loved it.
Jan Ritchie David Livvies Sunday school went to Burntisland. Brilliant trip x
Eva Brown Stonefield Parish Church in the forties we went to David Livingstones but I remember going to Strathaven Park too
Diane Hannah Grant Went to the Edinburgh Zoo, and a few castles, and to Robert burns House in Ayr
Maxine Prince I remember Irvin & Girvin, many good memories with St Blanes primary
Graham Crowe The house is fantastic
Marion Jones We went down to David Livingstone park remember going on buses with streamers out the window we thought we were going far 😃😃😃 but we loved it .

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