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Looking back to our childhood days in this article. Specifically old comics. Who remembers these comic books as a child? The Bunty, Judy, Mandy certainly favourites with the girls. There was always a Dandy Annual under the Christmas tree in our home during the 70s.

Have to admit, the Beano was my favourite. My mother never bought a Beano annual knowing it was the comic i bought throughout the year, not knowing the content was different! I was a teenager before i realised too that the Christmas annual had different stories! Where in Blantyre did you buy YOUR comic books from? What’s your memories?

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Charlotte Neill Gilmour I loved the Bunty comic, when you had finished reading it there was a cut out figure and clothes on the back page. Simple pleasures.
Ann Hartman Charlotte Neill Gilmour loved the bunty
Valerie Krawczyk As my dad was a newsagent I had access to all the comics, loved The Bunty, Judy and Topper. I think that the first edition of the Bunty contained photos of ballet dancers, e.g. Margot Fonteyn.
Morag Airlie Valerie Krawczyk my mum got all our annuals from your dads shop. Loved them all
Helen Grieve We got ours from Pate’s on Glasgow road. The Dandy Beano Bunty Topper and Beezer. The boys had the Eagle and Hotspur.
Marion Anderson Every Friday night my brother in law, Hugh Kelly, would come in from work with the Dandy and Beano and a poke o’ sweeties for each for his 5 kids and me..special memories.
Heather Paterson I had little star…then twinkle..then Bunty
Ann Ford I used to buy my bunty Judy and Mandy every week from Wypers at the top of elm street.
Anne Marie Murray I used to buy the Bunty and the Jackie!
Mary Roby From Jim s shop high Blantyre. Jessie and Jim s shop. Lovely people.
Annette Tait Wullie Pates every Saturday …warlord, victor and wizard for my brothers x
Iain Lambie Used to make them many yrs ago
Rob Anderson Iain Lambie I remember your old man giving me loads of comics mate
Iain Lambie Rob Anderson yea mate i worked there as well for 12yrs
Anne Irvine Coatshill shops when my mum went. Always came with comics for me. Beano, Topper, Sparky. All sorts. And xmas was the Oor Wullie or The Broons. Still buy them
Eddie Campaigne Benoms stonefielde rd..and the papers as well
Ian Muir Mauchlin’s or Pates on Glasgow Toad and Botterill’s on Farm Road.
Margaret Elma Griffin The Beano the Dandy and Topper from Wullie Mcleans
John Daly Hendry’s local shop in the Orlets
Janet Slivinski Mauchlins loved the dressing dolls on the back page of the bunty
Jim McSorley Got the Dandy and Beano from Jim Wilson’s main st high Blantyre then they were 3D each.
Alan Baird funnily enogh i was just about to write i got the dandy and the beano from jim wilsons shop on high blantyre main street i cant mind the price tho i do mind they rose in price a few times , i also changed them to the topper and the beezer and then the whizzer & chips , no wonder my head is still full of nonsense lol
Elizabeth Grieve Bennies on the Main Street in High Blantyre. Got my scraps there as well
Mary Ann Poneszkis Many happy childhood memories. xx
Audrey Marshall Collins’s on Stonefield Road. Bunty and Judy then Look In then Smash Hits and finally Just Seventeen. Kept them in business!!!
Margaret Reilly McGinley Wullie Pates. Bought The Jackie, every Saturday morning. Mx
Janette Taggart I think the names of the ones I got was Jinty and Oh Boy. There was lots to choose from.
Neill Reid My Aunty used to send bundles of comics over to me in New Zealand when I was young. I used to love them – Dandy and Beano were my favourites
Jan Ritchie My Dad had the full collection of the Eagle comics. They were bound to protect them. I loved the Twinkle. Not named here buy I loved the Dolls Hospital stories and Nurse Nancy! Happy memories x
Fiona Mitchell Gebbie Willie pates on a Saturday when shopping with my mum Mandy and the Bunty X
Mary McGaulley Sammy Douglas went every Wednesday my granny ordered the Bunty and the school friend for me every week
Aileen Healy Coatsill shop Botterills or something it was called. Got The Bunty, Mandy, Judy, Tammy, Tracey and Misty and wee brother got The Dandy and Beano. <3ed them all
Winnie O Winnie I was a Mandy girl
Margaret Mary OSullivan My friends and I used to argue over which was better the Judy or the Bunty ! This was all taken very seriously when we were kids.😂I remember Sandra and the Secret Ballet – a most unlikely story of a young girl whose talent is spotted by a mysterious stranger who whisks her off to an island to train as a ballerina! I also realised from these types of stories that I would be “too tall” for ballet- nothing to do with the fact that I was totally clumsy with two left feet!!!😂 The comics didn’t really have anything to do with our lives – for example The Four Marys was about girls at boarding school – hardly a Blantyre local primary- but maybe that is what comics like these offered us – a fantasy world very different from our own , where we could be talented ballerinas or scholarship girls at boarding school. Hilarious- boarding school? I was homesick if I stayed away overnight!😂 I also loved my primary school , St Joseph’s.
Fiona Coulter My sister Anne Marie and myself used to get a comic to share. One week we got the Judy next week it was the Bunty. The boys got The Sparky. We used to get them in Mauchlins, whose penny trays were the best!
Alex Orr Mine’s were the Victor and Hornet.
Donna Camillo My mum bought me this and Mandy every week. Innocent times I miss
Iain Martin Dandy and Beezer on Monday; Beano and Topper on Friday
Shona Mccabe Twinkle when younger then the Debbie, The Jackie and New Look.
Tilda Murphy Oh! Shona Mccabe that brings back lots of memories Twinkle, and then when older The Jackie on a weekly trip to McLeans on High Blantyre Main Street.
Alison Kennedy Loved Buntys Cut Out Wardrobe
Shona Mccabe Yes trip down memory lane it was a weekly trip to colins newsagents at the top of Stonefield Road x

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