Looking over to Craighead, 1979

These two views are from September 1979. Taken in Bothwell, it’s a rare angle for this website, looking back over the River Clyde towards Craighead/Ireland Alloys and Whistleberry in the background. With thanks to George Hay for sharing.


1979 1

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly reserved for Blantyre Project Books and not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Gary Doonin Top one is Bothwell head up from Bothwell bridge either first or second on left
Blantyre Project thanks Gary.
Gary Doonin Blantyre Project you can see old viaduct pillars in middle of photo
Gary Doonin Maybe Blairstin Ave
Graeme Reid Gary Doonin – think that’s it
Sharon Morrison Doonin Top one I think is Clydebrae Dr in Bothwell
Iain Ramsay Think it’s Dunclutha drive which is just beside old viaduct. ( top pic )
Iain Mcmillan Bothwell area def near bridge
Gail Mcguinness Top pic Dunclutha drive Bothwell just past old Silvertrees hotel

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