Blantyre Project Research Stolen

Here we go again. I’m saddened to see that after months of not posting, “Blantyre’s Ain” is back to posting about Blantyre …..once again sneakily passing off MY words as his, without credit.

This isn’t about jealousy on my part. I promise you. It’s about exposing his lies and pursuing proper linked credit. It’s about my hard work being used, my efforts by a morally bankrupt individual putting up online to his own readers…and having the open audacity to pass it off as his “research”. 

Like his post today about Logan’s Pub which has just been pointed out to me. That was MY research, hours of work that i PAID for with my own money. It contained privately emailed info and incorrect dates now updated in my book draft. I find it wholly unacceptable and devoid of any moral fibre for ANY unscrupulous individual to be telling his readers he did that research, by putting up my own words. Readers will know the many issues I’ve had with this over the years. I promise this though, through legal intervention, it’s going to stop this week.

I’m not rising to this every day. I don’t have time or inclination. So I post only to make you aware.

There’s nothing more soul destroying and defalting than having your hard efforts constructed through sacrifice away from family…… stolen by one person time and time again, not credited and to see it commented on as “his ‘ain”. Even worse to see that its a Blantyre person doing that. Sad.

The full story of the pub and page he took the content from is here:

and here’s the manipulated narrative theft on image below……similar? You betcha!

** Update: Thank you for the emails and private messages today from various readers here and on FaceBook. Your support is uplifting and I agree fully with one sentiment shared that made me smile again today: “Paul, your Blantyre Project is an unrivalled legacy for future generations, that has no contemporary comparison. There are literally no other reliable history websites about Blantyre. Future generations will look only to Blantyre Project’s websites, archives, quality photographs, books and your own work as a primary starting source for historical research for this village. What you’ve accomplished is nothing short of incredible!” Nice words indeed, (you know who you are!)

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  1. Hello Paul, I can hear the absolute devastation in your writing of what has happened to your research. My research also was stolen while still a student, student friend of mine offered to keep it going while I was away for summer hols with my children. During my absence she wrote up my work using all my notes and had it published with no mention of my name anywhere. I was furious , hurt, powerless and devastated, no good came of it, her life a mess. So what goes around comes around, and I hope you get the resolution you deserve and need.

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