Youth Football Team

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This Blantyre football team is photographed in the first decade of the 20th Century. At over 110 years old, the photo is remarkably clear and its highly likely these boys are the grandfathers and great grandfathers of some of you readers! Taken between 1900 – 1910 or so, this team is unknown to me and they’re playing in dark stripes.

This photo is previously unseen online, but filled with character as you’ll see when i zoom in on the boys faces. There’s no goalkeeper pictured either, which is odd. The photographer was High Blantyre man, Mr David Ritchie.

If you know what team this is, or (a long shot) recognise anybody, please do get in touch!

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Karen Morton Fab photo
George Mcinulty Must have been a tough life back then.there’s not 1 boy smiling.Great photography first class.
Margaret Mary OSullivan So clear! Wonderful!

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