Bob Ritchie b1904 – d1977

Pictured here on the right hand side is former Blantyre lad, Robert Ritchie.

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Robert (Bob) Fleming Ritchie was born at home on 22nd April 1904 at School Lane in High Blantyre.

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His father was David Ritchie, a master joiner and his mother was Mary Ann Fleming. His parents had married in Strathaven in 1888. He later lived at Broompark Avenue and was certainly there by 1908, then as an adult on Main Street at High Blantyre. He had several siblings.

He may be about 11 years old in this photo or so, dating it to around 1915, or near the start of WW1. This looks like an early Boys Brigade Uniform, the symbol on their hats reflecting “1st Blantyre Company” and it’s perhaps a reflection of those devastating times of war, that they’re all carrying wooden ‘training’ guns. He was however, (lucky) young enough to escape serving in WW1.

Robert, who I’m distantly related to, eventually married and had 2 children, David and Myra. He died in 1977 and is buried in High Blantyre cemetery.

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Lorna Baker Obviously related to Gran, was this her uncle? Where does the Fleming name fit in?
Margo Clayton Uncle Bob was my gran’s brother. So your great, great uncle. Mum was named after Mary Ann Fleming. They lived in the same house as Aunt Minnie. You may remember her.
Lorna Baker I remember Minnie, loved going to her house in Blantyre as a young child. I can see Myra in him.
Margo Clayton His living room was up the stairs from Aunt Minnie. I loved her room too. X
Lorna Baker Yeah, we used to go upstairs to pop in and see Jennie and Myra too
Marian Maguire Lovely picture

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