Walk at the Pech Brae, 1953

1953 boys on Pech Brae Aug 1953

Now here’s a charming, beautiful photo filled with nostalgia. Three children walk down the Pech Brae at the Calder past the former cottage. Not far from Niaroo. Taken in 1953, some 66 years ago, theres a closeness with each of them, perhaps siblings?

It’s amazing what can be found in a photo with a little scrutiny.

There’s an abundance of leaves on the trees, few on the ground and the children in short sleeves, suggests the warmth of summertime. It looks a sunny day, the sun high in the sky brightly lighting the scene with only a few, short shadows apparent. So likely near noon, shadows to the west suggesting late morning as the sun moves out of the eastern sky. The children are of school age, but if its near noon and they’re down the Calder being photographed, it’s probably not a school day…..so likely either it’s the weekend or it was during school summer holidays. Perhaps the children were in the scouts? There’s more than a hint of uniform, braces, long shorts or even kilts.

Enough detective work for a day! The picture is there to enjoy for what it is! An excellent scene of old Blantyre. With thanks to Gordon Cook for sharing.

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Marion Anderson So peaceful!
John Cornfield It’s a cracking picture but no uniforms that’s just the way the boys were dressed back then!
John Cornfield They also have boots on
Tricia White Is this not the path across from the Pech Brae opposite hoolets nest? If not where is this cottage now?
Russell Boyd Tricia White long gone but if you walk down the hill the foundations and some walls are still there half way down on the left. And less noticable but still there is foundations on the other side of the road as well
Tricia White oh right I haven’t been down that way for a long time although my parents still live on Bardykes road. Thanks for the info xx
Janet Vining Mitchell Tricia White what does this area look like now? I hope to visit next year and see my ancestor’s home town.
Dennis Kane Great photo
Sandy Wilkie Bearing in mind the year and in that area, with distinctive the very ears (I mean that in the nicest possibly way!), that could be you on the right, Alex Rochead, with your big bro in the middle – could the other be your cousin?
Alex Rochead Sandy the ears are not big enough!! Also in 1953 I was only 3 and not allowed out of the farm.
Michelle Leggat What a charming photo I love it ,in my mind it’s my dad with his older brother and younger brother,the Calder was a play ground for everyone then and it looks like a cracking day for a swim 😍thanks for posting this
Jean Gibson We lived in Bardykes road in 1970 and this was a favourite walk.
Jim Canning Remember that walk well with the Cottages on either side of the road. Wonderful memories brought back from this photograph. Thanks Paul.
Moira Macfarlane Remember that wee cottage well,,,
Margaret Ruddy Remember the cottage well. Everything has changed.
Gord Fotheringham This was my era i was up the cawther in them days with my pal jimmy Rooney….we had much fun back then.
Isabel Mcneily Remember it well
Andy Callaghan Do any of you remember Big Maggie (Margaret Ayres nee Brown) who taught at St Joseph”s? She lived in that cottage, maybe not in 1953 but certainly later in the 50s and into, i think, the early 60’s. She was a relation of my family, my paternal grandmother being a Brown
Stewart Kennedy Andy Callaghan .The Caskies lived there in 53. I still exchange xmas cards with Bobby Caskie who went to High Blantyre primary with me. Duke Boyle stayed in the cottage opposite.
Josie Mcquade Andy Callaghan yes I remember she was my teacher at St Joseph’s school
Heather Mcwilliam Thank you for sharing your ideas about how to ‘read’ a picture. A lovely picture which is stunning in it’s simplicity.
Watson Scotty I believe this cottage was at the bottom of the hill when it was empty I can remember going into the back garden and picking raspberries.
IanShirley Donachie I rember that hoose
Frances Burns My great aunt Margaret and uncle John lived in that wee house these pictures were taken in 1956 of great uncle John clearing the snow and one of the Bridge
Margaret Brown Burns I have lots of memories of both cottages and a couple of photos of the back garden.

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