1928 Ladies at Livingstone Centre

1928 Mrs Paul c1928

This photo is from 1928 or 1929. Four local ladies, whom I believe were at the formation of the museum, the renovation of Shuttle Row into the museum. (which opened in 1929). On the left is Mrs Jessie Paul of Greenhall (some readers will know of the recent passing of her son, Stan). Also pictured are Miss Young (Captain of the Girl Guides), along with Miss Arnott and Mrs Pollock.

Although not entirely confident of this next statement, it’s my understanding and seeing the way they are dressed, that these ladies my have been involved as officers with Blantyre Girl Guides.


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  1. Paul. Always interested in any Pollock from your area since that was my grandmothers family. Anyone know who that Pollock married or who her children were? My grandmother was Maggie Aiken Pollock but she died in the states at age 34 from complications of a miscarriage so we know nothing of her family.

  2. Michael Glangevlin McGovern

    Paul – in the photo of the “1928 Ladies at Livingston Center” you say these ladies might be officers of the Girl Guides. In the video clip of the Duchess of York in the 1929 Centre dedication, it shows the Duchess walking thru an honor guard of (I think) Girl Guides. On the end of the row of girls on the left side at the end of the clip are a few adult women. Could these be the same Girl Guide officers in the 1928 photo? My mom is probably one of the girls in the honor guard. She always spoke of seeing a member of the royal family up close.

  3. Michael Glangevlin McGovern

    My late mom was a member of the Blantyre Girl Guides and is wearing her uniform in the 1930 passport photo when she came to New York. Since she was 15 years old, she is on the same passport as her mom Helen Girvin Dolan and her 3 younger siblings. Her father and older brother (Thomas and young Charles) came to New York in 1928 to get an apartment on Manhattan’s Madison Avenue, both getting jobs as doormen and elevator operators, and send money back to Blantyre for 2 years for the rest to come over in 1930.

    1. Michael Glangevlin McGovern

      The family name is Dolan from Waterloo Row in Blantyre.

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