Smiths Grocers, Larkfield

1936 Robertsons Laun

Smiths Grocery shop was located in the lower storey of a tall tenement named Robertsons Laun on Stonefield Road at Larkfield during the 1950’s and 1960’s.

Mr and Mrs Smith ran the business. They had two sons, Robert and Jackie.

Anyone living in Larkfield in the 1950’s would remember Jackie. He was allegedly quite the character, but unfortunately severely disabled. Jackie couldn’t walk and was bodily weak, but remarkably managed to get about on his own on a special large wheeled tricycle. In the summer months, Jackie could often be seen cycling down Stonefield road, passing Little’s cottages and on into the tennis courts at the Bowling Club where he spent many hours. He was well accepted by the Club members and they looked after his welfare when he was there. His brother, Robert was a keen photographer and would likely have taken many photos of old Blantyre.

Do you remember the Smith family? What can you tell me about the shop?

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