Robert (Bob) Forrest and Roy

George Park shared this photo a while back, which i’m only jus getting round to uploading. He says, “I have attached a photograph of my Grand-father, Robert (Bob) Forrest who lived at 11 Park Crescent, where he was one of the first tenants in this new housing in 1933. He had moved from the condemned tenement at 108 Broompark Road, just opposite the smiddy. He was born and raised in the wee farm between the smiddy and the nursery next to Hunthill Road. His parents were Andrew Forrest and Lilias Main.

Most of his working life was spent with animals, with heavy horses being his love, working off and on with farm animals and latterly working night shift at what was referred to as the ham and egg factory on Whistleberry Road. In the photograph his is accompanied by Roy the farm dog who would help gather in the cattle.”



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  1. Hi this could be a relation my grandad was John Forrest son of John Forrest an Janet Leggat. my grandparents married in1921 a Robert Forrest of 22 bardykes road Blantyre bead their witness

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