1977 Victoria Wine

Who remembers Victoria Wine on Glasgow Road? Situated next to Templeton’s Supermarket on the north side of the road, this brilliant photo may jog some memories.

1977 Victoria Wine wm

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

James Sime I remember that shop as Iceberg freezer shop and then the chinese after that.
Blantyre Project when was it iceberg? I forgot about that
James Sime Blantyre Project when I was a kid in the 80s, prob changed to chinese early 80s
James Sime Blantyre Project I meant changed to chinese early 90s
Cullen Shaw I lived at No. 7 Station Road from 1964 and left Blantyre in 1981. I remember very well that store being there.
Gordon Mather I think it was called Smiths before Victoria Wine, it was managed by Mrs Jordan, I need to tap into my sisters memory for this one.
Joseph Allan It was always empty think it was to dear special wine
Mary Gemmell Sutherland I remember the man in there always said “ Thank you, thank you very much!” To every single customer
Jeanette Allardyce Ward Remember it well. Maddens was just along from there too. Also on the other side there was Gallaghers grocers on the corner and their fish shop at the end.
Charlotte Neill Gilmour Had forgotten about this shop, do remember it now.
John Dunsmore I was always in little old wine drinker me
Jan Ritchie I remember being in when a wee boy got his fingers jammed in the door. His fingers were an awful mess and his mum had to rush him out to the hospital.
Ernie Fleming Jan Ritchie good grief, I can’t stop a shiver running through me just reading that.
Dougie Macfarlane When i was an apprentice i did the shop run for everyone. Always remember the guy that serviced in the shop tall.thin man always saying thank you and than you very much
Betty Armstrong Used to be a sweet shop in the building.. Think it was called Birrells. Got big giant jelly beans when going to the Broadway. Probably in the 60s
Lindsay Hamilton Oh, remember that place
Catherine Murphy I remember it being the sweet shop you went into before you went into the Broadway think it was Birrels
Mary Sambou Catherine Murphy I remember it was Birrels
Iain Sanderson Going back it was Birrel’s sweetie shop
Walter Fleming Remember it well when we took the children for a walk. One of us would go into Victoria wine for a bottle of Concorde wine which tasted fine at the time but wouldn’t put it over our throat now if it was still available. So sweet !
Dawn Oliver I’m sure Margaret Rouse worked here
Robert Allan John Mitchell that’s a blast from the past!!! 😂😂

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