1977 Templeton’s Supermarket

I hope this brings some memories back for readers. Who remembers Templeton’s Supermarket on Glasgow Road? Situated on the site of the former Broadway Cinema at the corner of Station Road, these photos were taken in 1977.

1977 Templetons 1 wm

Competition and the announcement of ASDA arriving sealed the fate of Templetons, but many people will have fond memories of shopping in a supermarket, where you could actually handle the goods before buying them.

This building is now the Lanarkshire Credit Union.

1977 Templetons 2 wm

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Caroline McDougall I remember it well. There was a smaller Templetons on Glasgow road, across from The Smiddy, before the one in the picture opened.
Elizabeth Neil Caroline McDougall that’s the one that had stairs up the back to get shoes have a got it rite Caroline x
Sharon Forbes Strange, but I remember the smell in here. Loved going in here with my mum x
Laurie Allan Crothers My sister and I did my mum’s shopping there while she was at work. I remember carrying those heavy shopping bags up to Small Crescent. No trolleys then.
Charlotte Neill Gilmour Remember doing my weekly shop in there.
Anne Irvine I remember my mum sending me there for some things + crossing over to Gallaghers corner shop for coconut biscuits lol. A whole new experience of shopping!!!
Jim Donnelly I worked in it,First job out of High School
John Berry Me lol used to get dragged round it most weeknend
Caroline Rundell I used to go for a wander up the stairs when shopping with my mum then couldnt remember how to get back to her lol x
Joseph Allan Remember getting stuff for school
Samantha Hunter My Gran used to work in there x
Carol Goldie Went to this shop every Saturday morning with my Gran to help her with her messages ,then cross the road to Gallaghers and Willy Pates where I used to get picking a BIG sweetie for helping gran usually bar of strathaven toffee
Ann McFarlane Carol Goldie There was a girl worked in the Bank her name was Helen Adam she had a younger sister and her Dad was a Policeman in Blantyre just wondered if you know of them xx
Jeanette Allardyce Ward Remember it well, grew up in Priory Street. So was sent there often to get things. Good memories of all the shops around there x
Thomas Barrett My cousin Peter worked in there when it first opened.
Margaret Reilly McGinley Lynn Kelly
Did you work there when you left school? Mx
Carolyn Patterson If I remember correctly it had 3 maybe 4 check outs my mum always had her message bag ( no plastic bags then ) the shop was spacious and clean compared to the co op across the road , I went to school with the managers daughter .. I don’t remember trolleys 🛒 just baskets? Mum seamed to know everyone back then fond memories 💕 oh the till we’re close to the entrance it was glass windows and a a couple of steps at the entrance …
Sadie Dolan Remember it well use to shop in this everyday,
Karen Nicoll Mr MacDonald was the Manager in Templetons
Lynn Kelly My first job was in Templetons, made some lifelong friends xx
Christine Crawford Marie Rooney is this not where you were left outside in your pram Phyllis Rooney???
Lainey McGuckin I remember it well lol there was cardboard boxes to pack your shopping in lol
Claire Conner Lynne always remember the day you got stung by a wasp in there xx
Trisha Mcginty I remember it & how u walked down into the store
Eileen Shannon My first job when I left school when it opened in 1971.
Matilda Fulston I worked in the shop in the 60s but it was in the old shop in Glasgow road Frank MC Donald was my boss then the old fashion way then weighing the butter and all the meat and ham was cut fresh for the customers and lots of other things had to be weighed out and put in paper bags
Gemma Watson Margaret Watson top of your street
Margaret Quinn I remember the Tempeltons shop along at Rosendale and they had a boy to deliver your shopping on a bike if you needed it
Jim Frame Right where the Broadway used to be if I remember
Robert McLeod-Wolohan remember it well, i used to go there with my gran to get the weeks messages lol again very fond memories
Kerry Tremble Kevan Wasn’t this the council offices after supermarket
Stevie Gill Greenshields stamps
Michelle Razzaq Catherine Davidson I couldn’t say templetons lol
Robert Henderson Remember it well worked in there for a few yrs
Janet Cairney There used to be a ledge along the front window where my mam would plank us until she did her shop incase we asked for anything
Elaine Anderson Linda !!! I actually remember this shop!! X
Grace Mackenzie Stewart yes I remember going in for tube of smoked cheese and take my wee sisters doon the park for a picnic. x
Michelle Leggat Went every Friday with my mum for the big shop and got a treat if we were good lol happy day’s
Gordon Mather Remember it being built from scratch following the Broadway burning down. Some local characters worked in it, john McGaulley and co (possible wrong spelling there) provided good laughs, happy days
Hugh Waugh That and first one up the top end e the street – aye the guid auld days!
Ann Millar Awe! Margaret Craig Quinn, you must be aulder n a thought u wur, causes cannie mind aie that.xxxx😂😂😂😂, bit am still yir sister fae another mr.xxx
Rosie Law Always remember going her with my mum to buy cremolafoam
Jane Mclean My first job was in there cleaning after school
Tom McGuigan When they first came to Blantyre they were along Glasgow road near Victoria St?
Denis McHugh I worked there and met my wife there
Craig Twaddle It then to an amusement arcade
Audrey Marshall I remember going with my mum when the buying of frozen food was still a novelty. And her buying cremola foam and strawberry mouse.
Margaret Liddle Rember it well and the one further along Glasgow Road
Elizabeth Grieve Aye I remember that well
Iain Sanderson Remember it well
Tom Murray I used to park the.pram outside and go in to Tempeltons to do my shopping in the 70’s …It was the done thing then …Eleanor Murray South Africa Miss Blantyre very much Good old days
Sandra Mckeown Used it often when I first got married
Eileen Smith I worked here on a Saturday when l was at school xx
Anne Wallace Me too in the Carntyne shop xx
Lynn Wilson Remember it well , my mum worked in that Templetons and the one along the road .
John Cunning Mr Mc Donald was the manager I worked at the coop across the road
Mary Frew Yes mums messages on sat

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  1. I recall before Templeton’s was there where it used to be down main street near Craig’s the butcher’s when there was sawdust on the floor and it was dimly lit. It was never self serve then and you had to wait your turn everyone knowing exactly where they were in the queue. If I close my eyes I can still smell it and hear the elders talking about their husbands or neighbours

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