1988 Glasgow Road

There’s a few things in this photo that allow it to be dated. I believe its from 1988.

The 599 Social Club sign is still on the brick building beside Elm Street and there’s a for sales sign up, before it became Cobblers or the flats. The Social Club ended in 1988. More telling, further along the road is the absence of JR Reid Printers modern red rolltop roof building (now Gavin Watson Printers). A construction compound set up, this places the photo before 1989.

However, there’s still familiarity about it, despite being over 30 years ago.

1988 Glasgow Road5 2

Today, the scene looks like this. Its noted that the road surface actually looked better back then! Who remembers the 599 and Cobblers?

Screenshot 2019-09-11 at 14.04.00

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